Sample Workshops

Strategic Planning:
whole system approach

Working with a whole-system approach, we will evaluate core strengths and
successes, consider external trends that will shape new priorities for the future,
and work toward implementing change in positive ways.

Organizations that flourish: 
the role of mindful leadership

Through a closer look at positive psychology, neuroscience and mindfulness we
explore strategies for personal resilience and organizational transformation.

Mapping the innovation ecosystem

What is the process for getting an innovative idea accepted and creating impactful, sustainable change? In this hands-on working session, participants will learn how to map the broad environment in which they work and consider strategies to influence the culture, capability and mindset to pave a path for long-term success.

Articulating your theory of change: 
keys to replication and scale

Change makers will work both individually and on teams to consider the project components of their innovative solutions and create a framework with common language to disseminate
progress and results, and to identify replicable strategies for change.

Whose problem is it anyway?

We have entered a new era of blurred boundaries among the sectors when it comes to creating solutions to societal challenges. In this workshop we will consider strategies for problem reframing and investigate how various actors can leverage the strengths of others to fill their unique gaps and work toward common goals.